The wonderful journey with SheCodesVietnam!

In the summer 2018, I had a chance to contact with Tien Mai, Founder of SheCodesVietnam, exactly three days before SheCodesHackathon2018 and I became a mentor of this competition.
In 2018, SheCodes was piloted for the first time in Hanoi, Vietnam with a pioneering event called SheCodesHackathon. This is the first all-women hackathon in Vietnam with the attendance of nearly 200 participants in Hanoi alone. In this event, participants gather in groups and use technology to build a product that solves real-life problems in our society. These products are typically in a form of websites or mobile applications with the support of technologies such as AI, machine learning and various programming languages.

The 2018 SheCodes Hackathon team

After SheCodesHackathon2018, I would like to contribute to this community and make this grow faster, so I took a new position as Deputy Executive Director and Director of Content Development & Technology at SheCodesVietnam from Jul 2018 to Aug 2019.

SheCodes’s signature event is a women hackathon that aims to encourage more women getting involved in STEM. SheCodes’ mission is to gradually close the gender gap in Vietnam’s IT industry. In SheCodes, women are encouraged to come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality & build a community to support each other in their way of learning more about technology.

As a pioneer in advocating gender equality in tech field in Vietnam, SheCodes is back with the hope creating a bigger playground for other female and non-binary people across the country. In addition to SheCodesHackathon event, SheCodes hopes to build a mutually supportive female community so that women can be confident to embrace technology in this 4.0 digital age.
We also have 2 main target audiences:
+ Primary target: Women aged 18–24 studying at universities in Vietnam, who are interested in technology but do not have many or few opportunities to learn or apply technology into real life.
+ Secondary target: females and non-binary people aged 16–18 attending high schools in Vietnam, who are interested in pursuing or exploring technology education in the future.

We want to change people’s mindset about women in tech and create a dare-to-fail environment so that women can be creative and unafraid of learning about technology.
We hope our community can embrace our slogan “Code Like A Girl” and inspire later generation of young girls to code.
Women learn about different technology trend and explore career opportunities in tech by working in a team and getting out of their comfort zone.
Forster gender quality in tech industry and enhance personal development by giving women opportunities to learn approach technology education, regardless of their level of experience.
Help women recognize the importance of technology in addressing social issues and its power to make an impact in our society.

[SheCodesHoChiMinh] Workshop Girl in Data Science
SheCodesHackathon 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam

As my position in a board of directors and director of content, I collaborated with team members on building a successful hackathon and each event in 2 cities of Vietnam. I also need to manage the work of other team such as human resources, strategic partnerships, external relationships and marketing. In content team, we need to discuss with each other to develop content for successful events. As a tech lead, I managed team to develop website, create communication channels, and implemented internal tools.
If you need helpful tools for organizing hackathon such as website template, event website, merge team members, please feel free to visit
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Actually, at the moment, I am not in a board of directors, however, I continue to support this community as an advisor. If you have some interesting ideas for collaboration with me or SheCodesVietnam, please feel free to contact with me through my email: or my website: