Global Youth Leaders Summit 2019 — Transforming VISION into ACTION through SOCIAL INNOVATION

“Global Youth Leaders Summit 2019: Transforming VISION into ACTION through SOCIAL INNOVATION” was held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong (13–18 July 2019).
The Global Youth Leaders Summit 2019 is an innovative international youth leader conference. Organized by the Global Youth Leadership and Service-Learning Institute (GYLSLI), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, it gathers young leaders around the world to share visions and action plans, and discuss on how to join hands to act on the world’s pressing social challenges through undertaking cross-border initiatives together.
In July 2019, over 100 youth leaders of over 25 nationalities will go through social innovation training, workshops and training sessions, discussions, and site visits, where they interact and collaborate with each other to share ideas and find solutions to some of the world’s pressing challenges, and together, chart a future course in making the world a better place and tackle issues on poverty alleviation, quality education for all, and sustainable community.

1. Keynote Speakers
DHL’s Global Network Leadership Secret” - Professor Po Chung, SBS, OBE, JP - Co-founder, DHL International
Fight Poverty with Entreprise”- Dato Dr Kim Tan - Founder and Chairman, SpringHill Management
DEMYSTIFYING PROFESSIONALISM-The Gandhian Approach” - Mr Bunker Roy - Founder, The Barefoot College
Youth Social Innovators’ Open Forum” - Ms Yuha Jin - Founder and CEO, Tella; Ms Adepeju Jaiyeoba - Founder, Brown Button Foundation and Mothers Delivery kit; Mr Lawrence Lui - Founder and CEO, Longevity Design House & Technology; Dr Stephen Chan - Head, Office of Service-Learning, PolyU

2. Community Engagement Projects and Parallel Thematic Site Studies
MakerBay is a Hong Kong-based maker group with locations in Central and Tsuen Wan with space, tools and community focused on using innovation for social and environmental impact.

3. Workshops
Workshops on Creative Design Thinking
Workshops on Social Innovation and Community Engagement
Mentoring Session: Synergise All You ‘ve Got: Inspiration, Vision, Skills, and Network.

4. Project - Quality Education for All (Sustainable Development Goals 4 - Quality Education)

Our team named “TransformEd”, because we want to transform education through creating a platform (Toolbox for training the educators, Videos, Links/ contact, Livechat, Survey, etc) for quality sex education to solve issues in the Philippines (“Increased Teenage Pregnancy”, “Increase in HIV infection rates”).


Our project has achieved the Gold Award in Global Youth Leaders Summit 2019: Transforming Vision into Action through Social Innovation.

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