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The exiting journey has finally come to an end! I am talking about Girl Script Summer of Code 2019.

What is Girl Script Summer of Code ?

The curriculum of Techtonica

If you really want to see a glance at GSSoC 2019, have a look at GSSoC 2019 stats. As a result, I received a certification from GirlScript Summer of Code

I highly appreciate the Girl Script Summer of Code, the open source initiative by Girl Script Foundation. I believe that students can have a chance to learn and get used to the way of IT industries work. Moreover, outstanding candidate will have a chance to do internship and gain great knowledge and experiment in working place. Students can also find this opportunity through this link:

I am extremely happy to have been a part of this program and helping them sharing knowledge with other students. For further collaboration with me, please feel free to contact with me through my email: or my website: