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The exiting journey has finally come to an end! I am talking about Girl Script Summer of Code 2019.

At the beginning of the competition, the mentors will declare the issues. The participants will be able to comment on the issues, make pull requests for the same and work on them (of whichever project they want). At the end of 3 months, the leader boards of the mentors will be evaluated, based on which the results will be declared. So, participants, prepare to work hard as you are in for a summer of learning, fun competition and a plethora of great gifts and opportunities if you win! Throughout the program, participants contribute to different projects under the guidance of experienced mentor.
Being a mentor, I worked at the curriculum of Techtonica, and collaborate closely with admins to guide and review contributions, and help mentees take their first step in contributing to open source.

Honestly, my first impression influenced my decision to become a mentor of this program. Techtonica is a free training and job placement program for women and non-binary adults with low incomes.
Their website:
I was assigned to this project and worked closely with Michelle Glauser, Founder and CEO of Techtonica, Judy Tuan, Technical Apprenticeship Program Manager and TaLea Carpenter, Associate Program Manager and other amazing mentors.
All of the mentoring tasks were just divided into three major tasks. Firstly, we share the knowledge of Git & Github for students and help mentees to take their first commit in open source. Then we should be doing the following tasks such as reviewing pull requests, helping with concepts, updating scores, generally support the team, and discussion with each other for any technical issues in various situations. With my experience as mentoring in other projects, I would love to share my knowledge and help students as many as possible to gain the technology knowledge.

If you really want to see a glance at GSSoC 2019, have a look at GSSoC 2019 stats. As a result, I received a certification from GirlScript Summer of Code

I highly appreciate the Girl Script Summer of Code, the open source initiative by Girl Script Foundation. I believe that students can have a chance to learn and get used to the way of IT industries work. Moreover, outstanding candidate will have a chance to do internship and gain great knowledge and experiment in working place. Students can also find this opportunity through this link:

I am extremely happy to have been a part of this program and helping them sharing knowledge with other students. For further collaboration with me, please feel free to contact with me through my email: or my website: