Belt And Road Global Youth Leaders Summit 2019

  1. Keynote Speeches
    1. Rachel Wolff, Response Director for World Vision’s Bangladesh refugee response on “The Global Social Responsibility of the Young Generation from the Perspective of Relief Work”
    2. The Release of The Development Report of the Global Youth Leaders from Belt and Road Countries by Peking University.
    3. An Introduction of the Volunteer Work of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics by the Organizing Committee.
    4. Robert Ainslie, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Secretary of the Nobel Prize Alliance on “The Young Leaders: to Boost Sustainable Development with Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Strengthening the Intergration of Industry, Education and Research”
    5. Nicholas Rawlins, Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Oxford, Academician of the British Academy of Medical Sciences and the British Psychological Society; Keith Zimmerman, Former University Secreatry at the Open University of England on “The Cultivation of Young People’s Awareness and Abilities of Innovation”.



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