2019 Asia Pacific Youth Labor Trend Forum

Ho Duc Hieu
5 min readJan 1, 2020

The Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, and the Ministry of Labor of Taiwan organized the 2019 Asia-Pacific Youth Labor Trend Forum in Taipei, Taiwan from December 6 to December 8. The forum focused on labor trends, including international issues, local development, working ability, artificial intelligence, and women's labor. Youth representatives from different countries, experts, and scholars from different fields are invited to discuss the issue over the topic of youth competency development, future job, new technology, youth and senior collaboration, and social enterprise.

2019 Asia Pacific Youth Labor Trend Forum

Day 1

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by Hsu, Ming-Chun, Minister of the Ministry of Labor of Taiwan, she encouraged young people to focus more on the development of new technologies.

Then, we participated in several keynotes and workshops by industry young leader experts who shared about career development.

The first keynote speech of the conference, “Focus! Global views of Asia-Pacific Youth: Let’s Imagine the World in 2050”, specially invited Lichia Saner-Yiu, the president of Centre for Socio-Economic Development (CSEND), a Thinktank accredited by the United Nations Council for Economic and Social Affairs with Special Consultative Status. She showed us multiple aspects of coexistence and sustainable development and asked young people sequential questions to think about the connection between various social issues and themselves. She emphasized that youth should have an “unwillingness to accept the status quo idea” before they can “have creativity and action”.

2019 Keywords: “SLASH”

The next session, “2019 keywords: SLASH”, was presented by Jane Hong (Slash Coach), Eric (The Co-founder of TMBA) and Lu Yang (Co-Founder and the Director of Business Development of Hourmasters) advised that youth should focus on their unique advantages of exploration and personal branding to enhance self-worth and become “SLASH”.

The session “AI of Labor Market” was presented by David Lin (Vice President of HR, Vpon Big Data Group), Yu-Ting Wen (The Data Scientist of Kkday), and James Huang (OwlTing Group, Chief Business Officer). They shared the industrial impact and opportunity of the development of artificial intelligence, and it is an important trend and application tool that cannot be ignored in the future. The core of all business models is base on users, so you should choose the tool for the most suitable application environment.

Collaborative Place-Making in Labor market initiative

The last session for the first day was focusing more on local issues and was presented by Jimi Luo (The Founder of Onaturerice), Pei Jun Ho(The Founder of Townway), and Lin Cheng Yi (CEO and Service Designer of Hayashi Office). They not only share their stories and excellent cases in the corner of Taiwan silently cultivating in the countryside but also admire the process of betting on life and local culture. It is also clearly seen in the sharing that the self-confidence and confidence demonstrated through the reconstruction of the relationship between people and people, people and places, and people and society Glory also provided the participating youths with a different way of thinking about local creation issues.

After that, we have a dinner in famous restaurant in the National Palace Museum. It was a good opportunity to taste much traditional food and explore the culture of Taiwan.

Day 2

The first keynote speech of the second day was an interesting story. The topic of youth creative thinking is to invite the chairman of Taiwan’s Digital Diplomatic Association, Guo Jiayou, to show everyone the influence of digital media. From social media, they can observe different social situations. From the case of digital diplomacy in Kosovo, the outline and features used by social platforms promote international exchanges and cooperation online and then extend connections to real life on the Internet. Guo Jiayou said, “The international outlook is not difficult. I think young people should start with imagination and empathy.”

Awareness of gender equality has made women’s development in the workplace more and more able to give play to their strengths. They invited Grace, co-founder of BetweenGos, the CEO of Good Food and Good Things Foundation, Ouyang Siju, and the CEO of Yumeng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. I also saw the opportunities and tests of Taiwanese women’s entrepreneurship in common experience and said that in many workplace environments in China, there is almost no gender gap. This has also led many foreign students to think about the status of gender equality in the workplace in Taiwan.

Youth initiatives were published

The Institute of Labor Safety has long been concerned about the development of the young labor force, and it hopes to help young people show their self-discipline. Through the implementation and operation of the youth initiative conducted by the conference, youths are asked to innovate on topics such as “Academic gap employment issues”, “Employment issues in science and technology development”, “Economic globalization employment issues”, “The issues of Labor Storage and Employment” and “Elderly Employment issues”.

Enabling young people to have a more comprehensive grasp of the various topics in the proposed cafe, the head of the labor market research group, Huang Chunchang, led the colleagues in the group to share research findings on related topics, including Taiwan youth employment issues, industries Popular functions, average salary levels, female labor force, and local creation. With the application of labor administrative data, AI big data, and data visualization, labor market research is promoted to the level of data science application.

At the end of this event, youth students made presentations on various groups of youth initiatives. They addressed different topics and showed the young people’s vision of their future careers. They shared the practical experiences and practices of other countries. The entry point for participation also provides many references and good suggestions for future labor policy planning and industrial operation managers.

Our group implemented and presented a technology solution for economic globalization employment issues and our idea won the bronze medal of the best potential award.

Closing Ceremony